• Stay Positive!  When we focus on what is going well, we feel motivated and inspired to keep making progress.
  • When setting goals remember:
    • Keep them positive. Set a goal for what you want to achieve not what you don’t want.
    • Make sure your goal doesn’t rely on anyone else making changes. You are the only thing you can control and change.
    • Make sure you goal is measurable. What does accomplishing your goal look or feel like?
    • Set goals that are big enough to be worthwhile but small enough to feel attainable.
    • Have a defined length of time to achieve your goal. 90 days is a great chunk of time to start with.
  • Clearing out our old habits and way of doing things is essential in creating lasting change. When we have a lot of clutter (physical or emotional) it pulls our focus and attention away from what we are trying to accomplish. The first step in moving forward is to clear out the clutter in your schedule, environment and mind.

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we want to hear from you